Notice re CalPers Settlement

California Retired County Employees Association (CRCEA)


CalPERS Long-Term Care Insurance Class Action

July 26 Hearing on Approval of Proposed Settlement

Opportunity for class members to appear in person or virtually at the hearing to address the court on objections to the proposed settlement.

Deadline to pre-register online is 5:00 p.m. on July 25th 

The Chair of CRCEA’s Ad Hoc CalPERS Long-Term Care Committee received the attached email, dated July 16, 2023.  The email contains instructions for appearing at the hearing online and addressing the court with objections to the settlement.  CRCEA cannot vouch for the accuracy of statements contained in the email.

We are forwarding this notice to all retiree association members of CRCEA with a request it be distributed to the retiree association’s members by posting it on the association’s website and emailing it to all members for which the association has an email address.

Questions may be referred to David Muir, Committee Chair at

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