There are many benefits to becoming a member of SCREA, including….

  • SCREA is your only voice to the Board of Retirement and to the County Board of Supervisors.
  • SCREA is the only recognized organization that represents all Sacramento County Retirees.
  • SCREA supports beneficial legislation and resists detrimental legislation at the county, state and federal level.
  • SCREA works to maintain current benefits and negotiates future benefits.
  • SCREA holds four luncheons each year: two general membership meetings, an Annual Picnic and a Holiday Luncheon.
  • SCREA members receive a substantial discount on the cost of these luncheon events.
  • SCREA is a member of the statewide organization for County Retirees, California Retired County Employees Association (CRCEA) which is the legislative advocate for all 20 of the 1937 Act Counties.
  • SCREA publishes a quarterly newsletter, News Briefs, to keep members up to date on important issues.
  • Membership is open to all Sacramento County Retirees, their spouse, domestic partner, or the surviving spouse of a County Retiree. Regular Member dues are $2.00 per month and Associate Member (spouse/domestic partner/surviving spouse) dues are $1.00 per month.

Any questions? Contact Sue Murray, Membership Chair, 916-359-6394,

Click Below to View/Download: SCREA Membership Application




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