Question: Does SCREA charge membership dues?

Answer: Dues for regular members are $1.00 per month. Dues for an Associate Member (spouse/domestic partner/surviving spouse) are $0.50 per month.

Question: How do I notify SCREA of a new address?

Answer: You need to fill out a Change of Address Form. Click here to view/download this form.  (Don’t forget to notify SCERS also, 916-874-9119).

Question: Who do I contact to change an email address?

Answer: Please send a new email address to Eloween Ivey, eaivey@surewest.net

Question: What is the SCREA Blood Bank account number to access this service or to donate blood?

Answer: Donor Club #6855. If your health insurance does not cover all the costs of needed blood, the SCREA Donor Club at Blood Source should cover the remaining balance. All you need do is telephone Blood Source at 456-1500 (extension 60604), tell them you are a member of Donor Club #6855, and arrange to verify the charges for blood products insurance did not cover.

Blood Source will also verify your eligibility with SCREA. To be eligible, a Member must be in good standing with SCREA, which means dues must be paid.

Once eligibility is confirmed, Blood Source will make arrangements for replacement of blood products and reimbursement of your uninsured costs.

Donations of blood to the SCREA Donor Club are appreciated and will ensure blood is always available to eligible members when needed. You may telephone Blood Source at 456-1500 to arrange to donate to the club.

Question: What do I do when my spouse dies?

Answer: Per the Sacramento County Retiree Summary of Benefits:

Surviving Spouse or Domestic Partner Continuation Coverage

“In the event of the death of a retiree, the surviving spouse, domestic partner beneficiary or minor child who will receive a continuing SCERS pension benefit may be eligible to continue medical and/or dental insurance benefits. Please contact SCERS at (916) 874-9119 or (800) 336-1711 within 30 days of the date of death to determine if retirement benefits can be continued. A surviving spouse/domestic partner beneficiary who is receiving a continuing SCERS pension benefit may add a newly acquired dependent to any plan within 30 days of a “Qualified Status Change Event” or at Open Enrollment. You must contact the Employee Benefits Office to enroll in the medical and/or dental insurance plans.”

Question: How do I get VSP vision plan benefits?

Answer: Check the Sacramento County website for more information:  LINK

Question: How are Sacramento County retired employees COLA’s computed?

Answer: For a better understanding of how the COLAs for County retired employees, please see the two attached documents.


Click below to view/download:  SCERS Methodology Used to Determine Retiree COLA

Click below to view/download: “The COLA Computation”, by Nancy Wolford-Landers, 2006


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