Question: Does SCREA charge membership dues?

Answer: Dues for regular members are $2.00 per month. Dues for an Associate Member (spouse/domestic partner/surviving spouse) are $1.00 per month.

Question: How do I notify SCREA of a new address?

Answer: You need to fill out a Change of Address Form. Click here to view/download this form.  (Don’t forget to notify SCERS also, 916-874-9119).

Question: Who do I contact to change an email address?

Answer: Please send a new email address to Rolfe Appel, rngappel@citlink.net

Question: What do I do when my spouse dies?

Answer: Per the Sacramento County Retiree Summary of Benefits:

Surviving Spouse or Domestic Partner Continuation Coverage

“In the event of the death of a retiree, the surviving spouse, domestic partner beneficiary or minor child who will receive a continuing SCERS pension benefit may be eligible to continue medical and/or dental insurance benefits. Please contact SCERS at (916) 874-9119 or (800) 336-1711 within 30 days of the date of death to determine if retirement benefits can be continued. A surviving spouse/domestic partner beneficiary who is receiving a continuing SCERS pension benefit may add a newly acquired dependent to any plan within 30 days of a “Qualified Status Change Event” or at Open Enrollment. You must contact the Employee Benefits Office to enroll in the medical and/or dental insurance plans.”

Question: How do I get VSP vision plan benefits?

Answer: Check the Sacramento County website for more information:  LINK

Question: How are Sacramento County retired employees COLA’s computed?

Answer: For a better understanding of how the COLAs for County retired employees, please see the two attached documents.


Click below to view/download:  SCERS Methodology Used to Determine Retiree COLA

Click below to view/download: “The COLA Computation,” by Nancy Wolford-Landers, 2006


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