Update on the SCREA Blood Donor Club


By Lyn Scotti

The need for blood is constant.  The shelf life of red blood cells is 42 days or less.  Platelets, which are critical to control bleeding, have a lifespan of only 5 days.  Donations to our Donor Club ensure that you and your family, your friends, and everyone in our community has the opportunity to receive this gift of life when they need it.

During the last reported quarter, SCREA Donor Club (No. 6855) received 32 donations.  All-time donations to the club are 2,763.  The SCREA Board thanks all individuals who have donated blood selflessly to SCREA’S Donor Club. The Board feels special recognition should be given to several individuals who have outstanding donation histories:



Patricia Clark


William McCamy


Melvory Brown


Farris Salamy


Carolyn Salamone



During recent discussions with representatives at Blood Source, it was learned Blood Source has changed the way credits for donations are managed by their organization.  Blood Source still keeps detailed records of all blood donations made to the Club, but they no longer pay attention to the boundaries of club membership regarding usage.  Blood products are “pooled” and Blood Source will provide blood products from the pool (and reimbursement for blood products) to anyone who meets their requirements.  The main requirement to utilize blood products under their control is for the recipient to be transfused at a medical facility located within the geographical region serviced by Blood Source.  That geographical region includes Northern California to the Oregon border, Stockton and Merced.

It was learned Medicare no longer covers the costs of the first (3) units of blood products utilized.  Some insurance plans (all County plans) will cover the first (3) units of blood products used, but many individual insurance plans will not.  This situation is the most frequent reason someone would receive a bill for blood products.

The insurance EOC (Evidence of Coverage) details blood product coverage.  Individuals who lack coverage for the first (3) units of blood products, can request reimbursement from Blood Source by producing a bill for the blood products used, a copy of their receipt verifying they paid for the units, and a copy of the relevant section of the EOC for their insurance plan showing what blood products the insurance does and does not cover.  Costs for incidentals to the process, like needles, bandages, etc. are not reimbursed by Blood Source.

Your donations of blood products to the SCREA Donor Club (No. 6855) are appreciated and will ensure blood is always available when needed by our members and community.   You may telephone Blood Source at (916) 456-1500 to arrange to donate to the club, or to arrange for reimbursement for blood products utilized.


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