SCREA Needs New Editor

SCREA needs to recruit a new Board member to serve as Chair of the Information/Website Committee soon.  This Committee chair serves as Editor for the quarterly newsletter, the News Briefs.

Every 3 months, various Board members and other sources (i.e. County Benefits Office and outside agencies) prepare articles for the quarterly newsletter.  These articles are submitted to the Editor who then formats them and creates our newsletter.   This Board member should be knowledgeable in Publisher and Word.

Once the newsletter is completed and proofed (and a second proof by others), the Editor coordinates with the contracted printing company for printing and delivering the newsletter to the Post Office for mailing to SCREA members, County officials and other interested groups or agencies.

At this time, the Chair of the Information/Website Committee also periodically reviews our website and submits changes or additions to a contracted consultant who then performs the update to the website.

This Board position is reimbursed $60 each month for their time and supplies (i.e., paper, printer toner, etc.) upon submittal of a reimbursement claim to the SCREA Treasurer.

Retiree members of SCREA can apply for this position by submitting a Letter of Interest via email or letter to Carol Summers, Chair of our Nominating Committee at  This Letter of Interest should indicate that the candidate consents to run and if elected, will serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

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