Sacramento County Dedication Ceremony Honoring Kiyoshi “Pat” Adachi, SCREA’s Past President

By Martha J. Hoover

This past May 12th, 2017, a year after our beloved SCREA President Kiyoshi “Pat” Adachi unexpectedly past away, the County of Sacramento, Department of Transportation, honored him with a ceremony dedicating the Antelope Road Railroad Overcrossing in his memory.  Several of Pat’s current and retired co-workers attended the ceremony along with two of his nieces and their husbands, and his many retiree friends from SCREA.

This Dedication is especially significant due to the fact that it is the first time a Road Structure is named after a County Employee/Retiree.  Pat was known to be an excellent engineer and was the Department’s expert on bridge design.

As our SCREA Secretary, Linda Kimura recently stated, “The ceremony was a very proud moment for SCREA and all of those in attendance.  All the words spoken gave high praise to Kiyoshi for his dedicated career with Sacramento County.  His involvement in many engineering projects were too many to mention, but this overcrossing/bridge on Antelope Road was a project he designed himself and is used by several thousand travelers each day.  It crosses over several railroad tracks and connects the Antelope Neighborhood to Foothill Farms and Citrus Heights.”

Mike Penrose, Deputy County Executive, presided over the dedication ceremony event.  As Mike stated in his opening remarks “We are here to dedicate the bridge, but to also celebrate the career and life of Pat Adachi, who was a well-respected engineer for the County of Sacramento, Department of Transportation.”  When Pat worked for the County the Department was known as the Department of Highways and Bridges.

In 1992, Pat Adachi retired as a Senior Civil Engineer after working 37 years for the County.  He began working for the County on December 12th, 1955. As Mike Penrose stated, “As an engineer myself, I can tell you that’s about as long and distinguished as a career can get.”

In April of 1990, Pat approved the Final Plans for this Antelope Road Railroad Overcrossing.  He was head of this bridge structure project from its conception to its final completion in 1990.

Out of respect for Pat, Mike Penrose provided the following detailed information using engineering terminology.  “The Bridge structure is 379 feet long and is 86 feet wide – accommodating six traffic lanes.  The structure is made of a continuous three reinforced concrete column bents and two reinforced concrete seat abutments with integral wingwalls, founded on CIDH piles.”  I had to perform an Internet search to find out what CIDH meant – “Cast-in-drilled-holes” it’s when a borehole is drilled into the ground and then concrete (and some sort of reinforcing) is placed into the borehole to form the pile.

On our SCREA Website, you will find photos taken of the dedication ceremony along with a photo of the installed KIYOSHI “PAT” ADACHI Memorial Signs which are installed on the east-bound and west-bound sections of the Bridge.  In addition, a copy of the Final Bridge Plan with Pat’s signature on it, is on the SCREA Website.

I never worked with Kiyoshi until I retired from Sacramento County.  To me he was a kind and gentle man.  He always cared more for others than for himself.  It was a privilege to have known him for the nine years I served with him on the SCREA Board.  He treated current County employees and retirees as his family.  His presence in this world is sorely missed by one and all who knew him.


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